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Accordion Master MusicianTony Lovello - Accordion Music Master

After being in the hotel business for 31 years, this dynamic accordionist has returned to performing his magical arrangements better than ever before. From Buffalo, NY, Tony first took interest in the accordion at the early age of 5. Under the direction and guidance of his father, who also played the accordion, Tony quickly excelled and soon was playing a 48 bass accordion and was performing in and around the Buffalo, NY area.

After the family moved to Los Angeles, it didn’t take long before Tony was discovered by Eddie Cantor and it was then Tony had his last name changed from Lovullo to Lovello. He then embarked on a very interesting and exciting career, touring with such greats as Eddie Cantor, George Jessel, Kate Smith, Jimmy Durante, Debbie Reynolds and Frank Sinatra to name a few. Tony made two tours to Korea and Alaska with Johnny Grant and also performed for two years on the TV show “Dixie Showboat” with Dick Lane and Scatman Crothers. After his tour of duty in the army, Tony came out to pick up where he left off. He toured and performed on the Arthur Godfrey TV Show and it was then that he was asked to become a member of “The Three Suns”. An illness left him deaf in the left ear and Tony then had a brief stint with his own review and toured Las Vegas and Lake Tahoe. He decided to retire from active show business and went in the hotel business. There he married his secretary, Jo Ellen, and settled down in the city of Lexington, Ky.

It didn’t take long for Tony to get back in the circle of music performing the exciting arrangement of “The National Anthem” at Rupp Arena, which inspired George Steinbrenner to invite Tony to perform the same in “Yankee Stadium”. His brother Sam, producer of the TV show, “Hee Haw: then asked him to make several appearances with Roy Clark and the “Hee Haw” gang.

After creating a web page on the internet, Tony started to write his arrangements with video instructions for many accordionists all over the world. Joe Petosa, of Petosa Accordions had asked Tony to perform for the Northwest Accordion Society in Seattle, WA. After receiving several standing ovations, he then felt he should continue to perform. Encouraged by his family, Joe and Sam Lovullo, Tony came out of retirement from the hotel and returned to show business with a bang. In less than seven years he has recorded 11 CDs, performed over 140 concerts and has been coined “King and Master of the Bellows Shake” by Maestro Anthony Galla-Rini and has received 5 Lifetime Achievement Awards. Often called “The Liberace of the Accordion”, because of his exciting showmanship and humor, he puts out a fun-fest, well paced accordion spectacular with unforgettable stamina. He possesses a star quality of a Master Accordionist. During his concerts, he communicates and connects with the audience demonstrating his famous glissandos, rapid runs and trademark bellow shakes with accuracy and precision. He walks talks and delivers with utmost authority and has complete command of his instrument. He will “razzle-dazzle” you with his outstanding arrangements and his interpretation of his signature song Malaguena that will electrify you.

Tony Lovello is certainly a crowd pleaser. You won’t want to miss this master in concert and it will be an unforgettable experience, not to mention lots and lots of fun.

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