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Accordion Teacher and Arranger

Hire an accordion teacher and arranger to come to your home to give you lessons!  Finally, an accordion instructor who will be with you 24 hours a day and provide up to date arrangements for you to play for friends, parties, club dates, or solo performances.

Yes, you can bring the fabulous Tony Lovello into your home via video cassettes and custom written arrangements to suit your playing ability.  His personalized teaching will be provided to you any time, any day without having to pack up your instrument.  Tony makes it all possible by communicating with you via video and telephone.

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Three great videos available now!!!!  
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What do I get?

Tony provides CUSTOM instruction on how to play the songs in these offerings - next to having him at your home, there's no better way to learn!  He actually sets up a camera, sits down, and helps you through the songs you like on the list below.  The videos are charming and he's undeniably a true master of the instrument.  His easy-going, approachable style can give you a leap forward in your efforts to learn.

How do I order?

NEW: We now have secure ordering using GOOGLE CHECKOUT - the latest state-of-the-art security available.

For those of you preferring to order off-line, you can head to the bottom of any page for the printout order form.

All orders are payable in advance.  Allow 2-4 weeks for delivery. We ship priority US mail.


Five song pricing

Five Accordion Arrangements, Sheet Music Only
[$40.00,+ S/H]
[ choose from music list here ]

Five Accordion Arrangements, Sheet Music and Video
[$60.00 + S/H]
[ choose from music list here ]

Sheet Music available via phone or fax ordering only at this time.

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